Saturday, April 24, 2010

Acting and horses a way of life for Amber Marshall.

Television celebrity Amber Marshall, who plays Amy on the CBC series "Heartland," was at The Mane Event on Saturday - much to the delete of a multitude of fans. Between her autograph signing sessions, we caught up with Marshall to discuss her background, her acting and her horses.

"I was born and raised in London, Ontario," she said. "I've been riding since I was little, and I started in English Hunter, then did Western Pleasure and some riding for fun. Now, I've gotten more into the western world, and in my time off I like to trail ride in the mountains."

In addition to riding, Marshall has also been acting since she was young, as she began in theatre and then moved into television. The opportunity to audition for the Heartland series provided an ideal fit for Marshall, and she soon moved to Alberta to start filming the first season.

"When we first started filming Heartland, it was a pilot, so we really couldn't have any expectations," she said. "We never expected it would take off like it did - it's like a dream come true."

On set, Marshall notes that her horse experience has been a definite asset. "My horse background definitely helped me get onto Heartland," she said. "It's really essential because you have so much time with horses on set. If you're scared of them at all, it would be far more challenging."

When it comes to filming, Marshall truly enjoys working with her equine partners. "I absolutely love the scenes with me and my horse, because they're as real as you can get," she said. "You have to work with the horse and work from them. It's just so real - and it's provided some of my best performances."

For Heartland fans, rest assured, the new season will begin filming in May. For complete coverage of Amber Marshall's interview, visit

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