Thursday, April 22, 2010

The big day is almost here.

It's now a mere matter of hours until The Mane Event begins, and Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta, is buzzing with activity and excitement. Exhibitors are bringing in merchandise and materials by the truckload, and clinicians are arriving from across North America.

What is the draw of this event? Is it the clinics and the learning, the visiting and the shopping? Perhaps all of the above. But, whatever your particular draw, The Mane Event is definitely something special. It's special because it crosses boundaries and it transcends disciplines. Whether you're a reiner or a jumper, whether you have mules or minis, The Mane Event has something for you. And, once you've learned more about your discipline of choice, you'll have a chance to learn so much more. You'll be able to look over the fence, watch another training style and say "I wonder." I wonder if I could do that? I wonder if there are elements of this that will help my riding? I wonder if that would be fun?

As we head into this weekend of horse-enthused excitement, take the opportunity to look around and soak up all that The Mane Event has to offer.

I wonder what new and exciting things this weekend will bring?

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